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verrues plantaires - Clinique podiatrique de Fontainebleau, Pied Confort. Dr. Anthony Careccia, podiatre

Plantar warts

Dermatological and viral, consult your podiatrist before plantar warts multiply.

Plantar warts can be located on the pressure points of the feet. These benign tumors can cause pain beyond discomfort. Diagnosis and treatment at your podiatrist's office are still necessary to avoid self-inoculation, infection of loved ones or more serious advanced stages.

To better understand the causes:

Caused by exposure of the feet to the virus, it can creep into tiny cuts or scrapes in the skin. When pressure is applied to the soles of the feet, the wart can be pushed inward and may be covered by a layer of hard skin. When mature, plantar warts often grow deep into the epidermis due to rapid replication of the horny layer. At this stage, they can become very painful.

To better understand the treatment :

The treatment of plantar warts shortens the painful period and decreases the risk of contagion of your entourage. At the disposal of your podiatrist at the clinic Pied confort the necessary training to offer you a multitude of methods to treat the wart depending on your case and after diagnosis. Among these procedures, we can name the use of anti-wart products, liquid nitrogen, medicated injection, medicated creams, laser cauterization and in more specific cases, we can also perform minor surgeries. Consult your certified podiatrist at the Pied Confort clinic who will be able to treat plantar warts safely after diagnosis.