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Pediatric podiatry

Pediatric podiatry is a branch of podiatry that focuses on the study, diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions and pathologies in children and adolescents. A pediatric podiatrist is a professional who cares for the feet of children from birth to adolescence and can treat a wide range of problems such as deformities, injuries, infections, growth disorders and postural problems.
Pediatric foot care is important because growing feet are particularly vulnerable to certain conditions that can affect a child's development and ability to walk and perform physical activities.
What are the pathologies treated by pediatric podiatry?
Pediatric podiatry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of foot conditions in children and adolescents. Some of the most common conditions treated by pediatric podiatry include:
  • Congenital deformities, such as flat feet, cavus foot, valgus feet, hammertoes, among others.
  • Growth problems, evaluation of the lower limbs (knee, ankle and foot).
  • Nail pathologies, such as ingrown toenails, thickened nails or nail deformities.
  • Foot infections, such as athlete's foot, onychomycosis, plantar warts, among others.
  • Sports injuries, such as fractures, sprains, tendonitis, among others.
  • Gait problems such as tiptoeing and inward gait (intoeing), and posture problems such as excessive pronation, excessive supination or clubfoot.
  • Dermatological conditions such as dry skin, blisters, corns, calluses, corns and other skin irritations.
It is important to note that pediatric podiatrists can also provide advice and recommendations to prevent future foot problems in children, such as wearing proper footwear and performing exercises to strengthen foot muscles and improve posture.
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