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Les callosités et les cors - clinique podiatrique de Fontainebleau, Pied confort. Dr. Anthony Careccia, podiatre

Calluses and corns

Treatments and prevention

Calluses on the surface of the foot thicken and form bumps of very hard skin. Appalling and painful, calluses can lead to major foot pain. Early treatment can prevent the problem from becoming chronic.

To better understand the causes:

Caused by repetitive rubbing, among other things; bony deformities can form bony protrusions that can develop into corns and calluses.

To better understand the treatment :

There are several drugstore treatments that can relieve the pain caused by corns and calluses, but should be used with caution. These products, specifically those that are keratolytic, can be harmful to the health of diabetics and the elderly.

Before using these products, consult with your podiatrist at Pied Confort clinic who will be able to treat and eliminate corns and calluses safely and painlessly after diagnosis.