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imagerie medicale

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging of the foot is a technique that uses various imaging modalities to visualize and assess the condition of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and other tissues of the foot.
Clinical foot x-rays are used to diagnose and evaluate a wide variety of foot-related conditions, including:
  1. Bone Fractures: X-rays are a valuable tool for detecting bone fractures in the foot. X-rays can show the location, type and severity of the fracture.
  2. Arthritis: X-rays may show signs of arthritis, such as decreased joint space, bone thickening and bone spurs.
  3. Bone deformities: x-rays may show bone deformities, such as hammertoes, bunions, flat feet and other conditions.
  4. Soft tissue injuries: X-rays can also help diagnose soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and muscle tears, although the images are not as detailed as other imaging tests.
  5. Pre-operative assessment: X-rays are often used prior to surgery to plan the procedure and assess the severity of the condition.
Our podiatrist may order additional imaging studies if necessary to evaluate the condition.
How does it work?
Medical imaging can help detect a wide variety of foot conditions, such as fractures, bone deformities, soft tissue injuries, inflammation, infections, vascular problems and other diseases. In addition, they can provide detailed information about the structure and function of the foot, which can help the health care professional design an individualized treatment plan and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
For example, an x-ray of the foot can show if there are any fractures or bone deformities, while an MRI can provide detailed images of soft tissues, such as ligaments and tendons, to detect injuries.
At Pied Confort we have an X-ray to evaluate foot pathologies that may be related to various traumas (ankle sprains, impact trauma, etc.), or foot pain where X-rays can help to obtain a better treatment.
If further imaging is needed, our podiatrist can order an MRI, CT scan or ultrasound to better understand the condition of the foot.
Because our clinic has an x-ray machine, you don't have to leave the clinic to receive a complete podiatric care service: an initial evaluation, a precise diagnosis of your condition, a detailed explanation of the condition and a professional treatment plan that will allow you to progressively eliminate the condition and thus improve your quality of life.
And precisely because we want to help you improve the health of your feet, we are constantly training. That is why we will have an ultrasound machine in the summer of 2023.
In general, medical imaging is an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions, and can help clinicians assess the effectiveness of treatment and make adjustments if necessary.
If you think you have any of these conditions or abnormalities, do not hesitate to consult a podiatrist in Blainville, Quebec to perform this procedure and design the appropriate treatment.